Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Photo Courtesy of BRINK Magazine

Flat Out of Heels is featured in the October/ November issue of BRINK Magazine as a "Featured New Product" here.

BRINK is a fresh approach to pop culture, trend, style and fashion.

Each month BRINK focuses on a community photographer or designer and gives them the platform to show their work. BRINK surrounds the spread with pop culture editorials on TV, film, new media, music, literature, beauty, style and spirituality. BRINK also includes contributor opinions on national and global events featuring articles from London, Scotland, New York and LA.

Every issue of BRINK is put together with the reader in mind, and ways to make the reader's world exciting and new. BRINK strives to introduce an audience to original, moving, and ground breaking material from a fresh perspective.

In case you missed it above, click here to view the feature!

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  1. My friend Alan from South Beach told me to give u a look, and, BLESS YOUR HEART! What a totally FRESH idea! Great 4 clubs! I can see this saving our struts around places like THE MALL, The AIRPORTS, COLLEGE DORMS & CAMPUS, BACKSTAGE...A girl can do anything with happy feet! Keep up the pace, & kudos to raising dollars in Atown! Be keeping an eye on you!-LindaLee