Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Thank you for being a Flat Out of Heels customer! Since the release of our first collection in August 2011 we have sold thousands of shoes and received as much feedback and suggestions from our customers. We know that you want a shoe that is affordable, comfortable, stylish, compact, and most importantly DURABLE.

Although Flat Out of Heels first mission is to serve as emergency footwear for relief after those long days and nights in heels, we want you to be able to wear your Flat Outs all day long if you want to. We listened to EVERYTHING you said, every email, every tweet, every call and we have worked tirelessly to make improvements to create the products YOU want. The Spring 2012 Collection introduces a new image for Flat Out of Heels and we have you to thank.

We are aware that there are other brands of rollable flats on the market and we THANK YOU for choosing Flat Out of Heels, we are the BEST brand in rollable flats because we have the BEST customers. So when people ask you why you choose to wear Flat Outs over the other brands, you tell them this....


  • Larger sizes: many of you asked for size 11 and higher...our new XL fits 11-12.5/13
  • Added elastic to the heel for a better fit: Since our size chart is a range we want to ensure that the shoes fit perfectly on the high and low end, the new elastic will ensure a snug fit at all times, they will never 'flop' off or be loose
  • Upgraded Materials: We now have thicker; high quality man made leather that will not peel or crack
  • Upgraded Soles: We added thicker more durable soles with no slip, no skid bottoms and extra cushion
  • Enhanced the Appeal: We replaced the thin black soles with fashionable thick red bottoms to make Flat Out of Heels stand out from those 'other' brands and still roll tightly in your purse
  • More Color Options:  Our Spring Collection welcomes the new LEOPARD Flat Out, just one of many new designs to be released in 2012
  • Stylish Boxes: We don't just toss your shoes in a plain ole box, we have quotes you can relate to on boxes from famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Always Affordable: Our price remains $19.99, you may find a brand 'cheaper' but you won’t find a brand that is better and frankly, we don't want you to wear cheap shoes, we want you to wear GOOD shoes.
  • Best Customer Service: We address your every need, question or comment promptly. We do everything in our power to please our customers
  • Commitment to Community Service: we have donated proceeds from your purchases to several nonprofit organizations including AIDS Walk Atlanta, 40 Girls and Some Shoes, and we will release our pink breast cancer shoe in 2012.




Our new products are so amazing we want all of our customers to have a new pair. Email us proof of purchase to and we will send you a coupon for 50% off your next order so you can try them for yourself!
To pre-order your Leopard Flat Outs - click here - Your order will be shipped before May 1

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